About Etyn - A new way to dine out

Founded in 2017 and based out of Chicago, Illinois. Eatyn is an online marketplace and food service that enables individuals to explore culinary creations from their peers.

At Eatyn we wanted to create a marketplace where individuals could sell their signature food and drink to other members of the eatyn community in a safe and secure manner.

We all have a family member or friend(maybe its you) that is exceptional at cooking one thing or another. Eatyn has positioned itself to be the link between those that have a great product and those that are looking for their next great meal and experience.

Our goal is to allow people to share their culinary skills with others outside of their immediate social circle.

Whether your looking for the best meatloaf in your city or the perfect raspberry preserves for a Sunday morning we are the link to bring people and community together.

Join our growing community as a user or a vendor today! Explore whats around you.