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Taught myself to cook when I was younger, as no one in my house really knew how to. I LOVE lots of seasoning. My family in Chicago all make wonderful food and I think that's where I got my skills from, as they came so naturally for me. Cooking is a great get away for me and would love to see what the public thinks of my food besides my friends and family, since I already know how much the love it. I will put a few examples of some dishes but I am open to whatever you want, I love to experiment with things I have never made before

Being an online space, which provides authentic, homemade food without burning a hole in your pocket it offers yummilicious food. It’s one of my favorite places to get a health.

I have always considered Eatyn as a guilt-free option over the labelled foods at restaurants which add up to my calorie intake. Who wouldn’t like a delicious event with fresh ingredients at affordable prices? These guys have been doing an amazing job and give you the liberty to choose from wide range of items.

Whether you’re a person who ends up getting cheered by the smoke detectors in your kitchen or simply get caught up with work and can’t find the energy of interest to cook a decent event, these guys can save your day. They provide lip smacking events.

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